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Digiteen School Action Project

Beijing BISS International School

Location:Beijing China
Teacher: Sheryl Krengel
Number of Students and Ages: 10 students, Grade 9 (13-15)

Description of the Action

Students created presentations to share with the Elementarty students in our K-12 international school.

Evidence from the Action

Conversations with students and staff about these topics have lead to a Digital Citizenship theme for our yearbook.
Students also connected with a Digitween group from Singapore for this project.

Impact of the Action

Students who worked on this project have a stronger empathy and understanding of their digital footprint and actions. In addition, they have had discussions with their parents about the research and their projects.

Reflection about the Action and the Digiteen Project

The research and working with others on these issues was quite impactful for this small group of international students. We had some great discussions and I was surprised to learn that several students think there needs to be some kind of protection or governance of the WWW to protect citizens. They were started to watch the Amanda Todd video, which was part of one student's presentation. It was also clear to them that parent's need to be involved in their child's digital world as well as the "real" world.