Project Announcement: Looking forward to seeing the action project pages on the home page.
The Digiteen Project typically runs for 8-10 weeks. Please check the Google Calendar below as well as regular updates via teacher meetings for any updates to the normal workflow.

Workflow Calendar Descriptions

  • Timeline Overview - The general time line for this project
  • Project Calendar - the Google Calendar for this Unique project with final dates for each item. Official due dates are posted here.
  • Classroom Calendar - the calendar for classrooms to post their class times to see if we can find times to meet synchronously between classrooms to discuss topics, share ideas, and overview the project. All teachers should join this Google calendar and add their class times AND holidays.

Timeline Overview

Digiteen-01: February-May
  • Application Deadline: February 1
  • Online Teacher Information meeting before February 15
  • Classroom and student handshake February 15-31
  • Wiki editing and collaboration: March
  • Wiki editing must be started by: March 15
  • Action Phase March 15-April 30
  • Student Summits April 16-May 15
  • Post Action Project by June 15
Digiteen-02: September-December
  • Application Deadline: September 15
  • Online Teacher Information meeting before September 30
  • Classroom and student handshake September 30-October 15
  • Wiki editing and collaboration: October 15-November 15
  • Wiki editing must be started by: October 31
  • Action Phase November 1-December 15
  • Student Summits: December 1-15
  • Post Action Project by January 15

Project Calendar

Classroom Calendar

This calendar should have all class times and holidays for each school for the current project. If a school wishes to meet synchronously with other schools during the project, the teacher should add all class times and check the calendar periodically for a time to meet. Please let everyone know so that others may participate. Also, put in all holidays so that organizers and others will know when you are not available.