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Team Textaholic Awareness

Westwood Schools

School Website:
Location: Camilla, Ga, US.
Teacher: Vicki Davis
Number of Students and Ages: Blakelee, Will, Perra, Woody, and Jenna: ages 13-17

Description of the Action

Our target audience is teenagers that are addicted to texting. We are trying to show them what problems these addictions might cause by video clips
of a textaholic, which are made into Public Service Announcements. In the videos, Will acts as a textaholic who becomes enraged anytime someone
suggests putting down his phone. It will be appealing to teenagers because it is extremely humorous, but also it will trigger an awareness in them, that
they may be part of the textaholic problem, and inspire them to make positive changes.

Evidence from the Action

We have video clips and pictures from filming.

Impact of the Action

Our videos were humorous to the viewers. They helped provide a way for them to realize and understand that they may be acting the same way.

Reflection about the Action and the Digiteen Project

Jenna's Blog Post