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Digiteen 12-2 Meeting #9 November 20, 2012

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Blackboard Collaborate

Digiteen 12-2 Meeting [[#|#8]] November 7, 2012

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Digiteen 12-2 Meeting [[#|#7]] November 1, 2012

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Digiteen 12-2 Meeting [[#|#6]] October 25, 2012

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1. If you were unable to attend, view the recorded meeting: View the Blackboard Collaborate recording
2. Let us know how it's going in your classroom!
3. Continue to look for meetups. Andy Jackins meets every morning w/ his students and is looking to skype or use Blackboard to meet a class.
4. Add your school information to the home page of the wiki: Digiteen or Digitween.
5. Digiteen - students "friend" their team members from Grid A only. *Note - students may be moving, so have your students double check the grid on Monday. We need 7-8 students per grid so it's more evenly divided.
6. Digitween - teachers move students to small groups.
7. Students share ideas for their topic and action project on Edmodo/Ning.
8. They join both Flat Classroom and Digiteen/Digitween wikis (there was an issue on Digitween wiki but it's FIXED - thanks Julie!)
9. Students add their info to Team Names at bottom of Awareness page.
10. Students add info to their section and then give a summary on discussion post (more info in recording).

Link to presentation.

Digiteen 12-2 Meeting [[#|#5]] October 18, 2012

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Blackboard Collaborate

Wiki and Research Presentation
View the Blackboard Collaborate recording

1. Watch postings and conversations on Edmodo and Ning. Make a presence and spark conversation when needed.
2. Move students to small groups in Edmodo - have students "friend" small group partners on Ning.
3. Keep up to date with Checklist:
4. Create an RSS feed if interested:
Netvibes Digiteen:
Netvibes Digitween:
5. All Teachers/Students SIGN UP flatclassroomproject wiki (wait for approval before joining Digiteen/Digitween wiki)
6. Digiteen Teachers/Students JOIN Digiteen Wiki
Digitween Teachers/Students JOIN Digitween:
7. Find times for Meetups on Classtimes calendar.
8. Add School Introduction to main wiki home pages in Digiteen or Digitween.
9. Students start on wiki by adding Team Name to bottom of Awareness section.
10. Use Digiteen Diigo as resource:
11. Make sure students have time to discuss with their partners the topic they'd like to work on together for the final project.

Synchronous Meetup with Kansas and The Virgin Islands October 22, 2012

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Blackboard Collaborate Link (video)

Synchronous Meetup with Illinois and The Virgin Islands October 15, 2012

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Blackboard Collaborate

Synchronous Meetup with NJ and CO October 12, 2012

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Blackboard Collaborate

Digiteen 12-2 Meeting |[[#|#4]] October 9, 2012

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Synchronous Meetup with NC, PA, Virgin Islands, and Slovakia October 5, 2012

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Synchronous Meetup with WHSB and ISA October 4, 2012

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Digiteen 12-2 Meeting |[[#|#3]] October 1, 2012

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Theresa's notes:

Thank you to the many Digiteen and Digitween teachers who attended today's meeting. If you weren't able to attend, please view the BlackboardCollaborate recording.

We have 11 classes of about 425 students in Digiteen.
There are 13 classes of about 385 students in Digitween.
Some teachers with over 100 students have been split into 1 or 3 classes.

Handshakes: Your students should be working on their handshakes. The timeline states it's from Sept. 30-Oct. 15. Try to stay within the timeline. Do what you can with the time you're allowed with your students. Handshakes should have an intro about themselves and something about Digital Citizenship or Digital Footprint, etc. Digiteen students can write a blog post, too. Some ideas for handshakes: glogs, Animoto video, short video, Voki, paragraph post, prezi.
Ideas for videos: Common Sense Media, Google Digital Citizenship, Edmodo Digital Citizenship, Digital Footprint, Cyberbullying, Netiquette, etc.

Link for avatars:

Students need to have school tag with first name (TheresaCSRN, Theresa_CSRN) so it shows up when they post and it's easily identifiable.

Digitween teachers will move students to small groups when Theresa has them created.
Sheryl will create categories in Digiteen Ning so students can discuss their topic. Small groups can also be created.

Vicki's 5 Steps to Internet Safety:

You will receive an email to place your students in the team grid. Please spread them out so they are working with students other than the ones in their school, if possible.

Digiteen/Digitween checklist:

  • Digitween goals
  • 1. Teachers will add students in team grids, spreading them out.
  • 2. Students will brainstorm in small groups in Edmodo about the topic in cross grid.
  • 3. Students will research/find media to go with their topic.
  • 4. Students decide what to create together in Edmodo for final project.
  • 5. Teachers assigned to grid in small groups - choose 3-4, depending, to oversee.
  • 6. Outcome/action project to be presented in own school. - add images/material personal to their own school.
  • 7. Appoint a student leader for each small group, most likely Gil's or Andy's students (VIMSIA), if extra spaces appoint leaders from your class.

  • Digiteen Goals
  • 1. Teachers add students in team grids, spreading out.
  • 2. Students will use Ning discuss ways to present their topic to their school.
  • 3. Students will use the wiki to add information to use for final project. Use discussion tabs to communicate what was added.
  • 4. Outcome/action project presented to school
  • 5. Student leader appointed to each small group.
  • 6. Teachers oversee 1-2 small groups.
  • 7. Have students use Diigo to bookmark sites for their topic. If interested, contact Theresa or Vicki.

Refer to Digiteen New Teacher Guide for guidance with Awareness and Competency groups:

Classroom and student handshake September 30-October 15
Wiki editing and collaboration: October 15-November 15
Wiki editing must be started by: October 31
Action Phase November 1-December 15
Student Summits: December 1-15
Post Action Project by January 15


Digiteen 12-2 Meeting [[#|#2]] September 24, 2012

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Blackboard Collaborate

Digiteen 12-2 Kickoff September 17, 2012

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Here are easy steps for how you can share this local action implementation with us via this wiki:
  • Go to New Page and create a new wiki page on this wiki
  • Make sure you use the Action Project Template to create the new wiki


  • Add your information to the template, with a heading Digiteen Project XX.X
  • Save the page.
  • On the Complete List of Schools page - type the name of your action wiki in the right hand column and link it to the new page you've created.
  • On your school action page - Upload information and artifacts and hyperlink to evidence of the Action Project (eg videos, posters, pictures etc)
  • In the Navigation of the wiki, edit and add your school name and hyperlink to your page.