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5th graders on Facebook

Westwood Schools

School Website:Westwood Schools
Location: Camilla,GA USA
Teacher: Vicki Davis
Number of Students and Ages: 3 & 14-15

Description of the Action

We will be teaching 5th graders about the dangers of Facebook and show why parents are worried about their safety. Then,also show tips how to be safe on Facebook and what action they can take to help there parents be less stress about who there kids are befriending or adding,what there kids are saying, and\or posting on Facebook. Facebook Wants to Welcome Kids Under 13 yrs of age!

Evidence from the Action

This is the permission slip for 5th grade parents to let their child take a survey:

This is the survey:

This is our PowerPoint of the the project:


Impact of the Action

We found that most 5th graders don't have a Facebook but the ones who do dont have over 100 friends. We also found that none of the 5th graders that were questioned accept friend request from strangers. Our conclusion is that as long as they are very careful then Facebook is not dangerous.

Reflection about the Action and the Digiteen Project

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