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False Identities

Westwood Schools

School Website: Westwood Schools
Location: Camilla, GA
Teacher: Mrs. Vicki Davis
Number of Students and Ages: Haley, Taylor, Summer Ellen, & Molly; ages 14-15

Description of the Action

We are going to create a Powerpoint on how fake profiles and bullying over the internet can affect people. Our target audience is teenagers throughout the world. We have made an outline of our ideas.

Evidence from the Action

  • This is a fake profile on Facebook, that was based on one of our fellow classmates.

  • The Megan Meier story is evidence of how people can create fake identities and destroy your life.

Impact of the Action

We don't have an impact because all we have done is create our Powerpoint slides.

Reflection about the Action and the Digiteen Project SummerWHSB TaylorWHSB - HaleyWHSB MollyWHSB