Cultural awareness is the understanding of differences between everyone; it's the comparison of yourself to others who are from other backgrounds or countries. [1] A key thing when comparing yourself to others from different backgrounds and countries are differences in attitude and values with different things. For example, in the US professional athletes at the top levels in sports are honored (in the form of payment) more than college professors are. Now, compare this to others in a place such as China, where the college professors are "more valued" in the form of payment than athletes are.


Cultural awareness is all about stopping for a second and recognizing other cultures, other religions and other environments. It's important to be culturally aware because you are bound to run into people from other cultures every day. Being culturally aware lets you realize to be respectful of other's religions. Whether you are Christian, Catholic, Judaism, Islamic, ect., it teaches you to respect how they live their lives without criticizing them. Most cultures wear very different clothes. Some wear robes, some wear (what we consider normal) jeans and t-shirts, and some wear nothing at all. What we need to realize is that our clothes are not "normal". Robes and ect. are normal to those other cultures. People need to respect what others wear[2] . Cultural awareness recognizes that we are all shaped by our cultural background, which influences how we interpret the world around us, perceiv

Cultural awareness is the base of all communication between different people, and is the ability to understand and become aware of your cultural values and beliefs and others values and beliefs. Cultural awareness becomes very important when working with other people from a different cultural then your own. Understand them and they ways that their culture differs and is similar to yours is very important to be able to communicate with others properly.There are many different levels of cultural awareness that people have. There is the "my way is the only way" look on things[3]. This level is the level that is unaware of any cultural differences and is unwilling to accept any new ideas. Next, there is the "I know their way, but my way is better". This level is aware of some cultural differences but believes that their way of going about things is the best way. Following that is the, "my way and their way" approach. This level is about working together.In this case people are aware of other ways besides their own and are willing to do things another way. Lastly, there is "our way". This level is about people of all different culturals coming together. Achieving the last level is difficult for most people because they have always only know the culture that they were brought up in. There are a few exceptions to this case but for the most part it takes some effort to become culturally aware.

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e ourselves and relate to other people.
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