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Be Real Campaign

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Westwood Schools

School Website:
Location: Camilla,Ga USA
Teacher: Vicki Davis
Number of Students and Ages:14 14-15

Description of the Action

We are creating the Be Real Campaign. We are getting together and making one website instead of having one for each of the 4 groups. The four groups are: Be Real Genuine, Be Real Mature, Be Real Nice, and Be Real Honest. We created this campaign to try to reach out to teenagers so they will see what they are doing and see how to do the right thing.The twitter account is
The Be Real Honest will be trying to get the point across that cheating is not a good thing and although it may get you past what you are trying to overcome it will only hurt you in the long run. The Be Real Nice group will be trying to to tell children and teens that what you say or do over the internet or a cell phone can hurt others.The words you put on the internet can not be taken back so think twice to be nice.

Evidence from the Action

As part of our action project we first started by creating our team logo in Photoshop. This took us a few tries and multiple errors to get it exactly how we wanted it. Matthew and Dru finally got it to work and Everyone on the team is extremely happy with the results.
be real logo complete.jpg

Impact of the Action

Our goal for our action project is to help people to become more nice, mature, honest and genuine. We hope our campaign affects the actions of internet users of all ages.

Reflection about the Action and the Digiteen Project

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