​Welcome to the Digiteen™ Project 2012-2
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Digiteen™ is a Flat Classroom® Project run by the Flat Classroom Conference nonprofit (a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation)

This project is now closed. Join us for the next Digiteen and Digitween projects starting February 2013!

Welcome to a leading global hands-on digital citizenship project! As part of Digiteen you will experience the collaboration, networking, and learning found while using social media (the Ning) and collaborative writing (the Wiki) to study and experience digital citizenship.

Student Information

After several weeks of belonging to the Digiteen online community, studying digital citizenship trends and writing your findings on this wiki with your global partners, you will then be challenged to ACT at your local school. You will design school ACTION projects to help others learn about online digital citizenship and then return here to share what you did on your action wiki so that others can learn from you.You are here to make a difference! Digiteen: Action-Based Online Digital Citizenship Education

Teacher Information

Schools and Countries

The second requirement of classes participating in Digiteen is a local school-based action project. These projects are created by individual classes to reach the audience(s) of their choice based upon digital citizenship problems or issues they've seen in their local area. Final approval for these projects rests with the local teacher and administration and all classes completing their project are to return to this wiki and create an action Wiki for each project they do and put in the table below.

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Note: When creating the individual school wikis, use the Digiteen Action Template to create the page.
Video on how to create the action page:

Country, School and Teachers
School logo
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Link to Action WikiTo be added during Action phase of project
School Name: International School of the Americas
Location: San Antonio, TX
Teacher: Mitzi Moore
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Period 1
Period 2
Period 3
Period 6
Period 7
Period 8
School Name: West Tisbury School
Location: Latitude: 41.4037° Longitude: -70.6621°
Teacher: Valerie Becker & Fran Finnigan

Final Project
Slideshow of 8th Graders Teaching 4-6th Graders
School Name: Beijing BISS International School
Location: Beijing, China
Teacher: Sheryl Krengel

Digital LIteracy - Shihyun
Safety - James
Copyright - Dongmin
Health - Pradakshina
Digital Citizenship - Smith
Social Media - Jessica

School Name: Windsor High School
Location:Windsor, Vermont
Teacher: Andy Jackins

School Name: McKeesport Area High School
Location: McKeesport, Pennsylvania
Teacher: Jill Hershey

School Name: Westwood Schools
Location: Camilla, GA

Teacher: Vicki Davis

Fifth graders on Facebook
Team Idiocracy
Technology Addiction Action Project
Be Real Digital Citizenship Awareness Campaign
False Identity
Digiteen 12-2 Schools

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