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Digiteen Action Project

International School of the Americas: Trolls Online

School Website:
Location: San Antonio Texas, USA
Teacher: Ms. Moore
Number of Students and Ages: Kate G. 14, Jon R., and Daniel P. 14
Group: 8.B.

Description of the Action

Describe what you will do, link to resources, etc. Who is your target audience?
We hope to teach how to deal with internet “trolls”, or people that like to put misleading, negative, or incorrect information online. Our target audience is for those who are not as technically advanced as most.

Evidence from the Action

Include pictures, film, etc . to share what you've done to raise awareness of digital citizenship

Impact of the Action

What impact did your action have. (You may wish to survey and get feedback from participants.)

Reflection about the Action and the Digiteen Project

Write a brief covering reflection here and also link to the reflections on the Ning of your group members